Fender Holders

Horizontal Fender holders-preferred for motoryacht railings

Vertical fender holders-preferred by sailboats

The Perfect Fender Holder-Saratoga Tys Fender Holders-customers love the product-have been working on vessels of all sizes in the waters of Puget Sound and British Columbia since 2008

      UV resistant
                                                                Fender height quickly adjusted
      Salt water has no effect on product life                       Eliminate lost fender
      First Mates love to use the fender holders                  Lifetime of service
      NO KNOTS                                                                 Attaching to rails is a First Mates dream

                            Questions about Saratoga Tys Fender Holders Installation and FAQ's       


Summer 2014 SPECIALS

                                                   Motoryacht Horizontal Railings

$16.95                    Horizontal railings up to 2 ½ inches in diameter 
$21.95                    Larger Yacht Horizontal railings up to 4 ½ inches in diameter

      Contact Us                  Horizontal railings over 4 ½ inches in diameter 

                                                   Sailboat Vertical Railings

         $15.95                    Sailboat vertical railings up to 2 1/2 inches in diameter


Take a look at the Saratoga Tys Docking Line Holders "on the following page". Designed to safely store your docking and other lines on your vessels railings. Line Holders are constructed in the same high quality material and standards as our "loved" fender holders.


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