Fender Holder Installation & FAQ's

Saratoga Tys Fender Holder Installation
Step 1
Q-How do I hang the fender holder on the railing of my boat?
A-Simply unclip the plastic clip and release the metal common snap and place holder around the railing, so the plastic clip is facing out-for power boat and the plastic clip is on upward side and not touching the boat deck or side.  Snap the plastic clip and metal snaps-shut.
Step 2
Q-How do I thread the fender line into the two bottom holes of the fender holder?
A- If you are threading a single, up to ½ " line-first secure the lower end to fender, second-thread the loose end of line into the bottom (lower) hole-from backside of hole to frontside of hole, third-thread the line thru the upper hole-from frontside of hole to backside of hole, finally-cross the end of the line under the front fender line threaded between the lower and upper holes.  Pull this end so that all line tightens.  You now have the simplest and strongest fender holder ready to go to work.
Step 3
Q-How do I adjust the fenders up or down for various dock heights or railing locations?
A-Raising fenders-Simply lift the fender to the correct height and pull excess line thru holes and tighten.
A-Lower fenders-pull correct amount of upper line thru holes and tighten.  Essentially, the reverse of raising fenders.   

Q-Why purchase Saratoga Tys Fender Holders, they are just another fender holder?
A-Saratoga Tys Fender Holders are one of the easiest to use, First Mates love them, inexpensive fender solutions designed to last a lifetime.  No need to repurchase new fender holders in 2-4 years due to UV or salt water damage.  

Q-Why does the Saratoga Tys Fender Holder have both a plastic clip and common metal snap?
A-Our fender holders were designed with safety and security in mind.  It is virtually impossible to loose a fender due to improper fender line attachment to the boat.  It is best to unhook one of the snaps first, reposition the fender onto the boat deck and then unhook the final snap. 

Q-How can I keep from constantly adjust the fender heights on my boat?
A-Easiest way-simply mark each fender with tape or other product, which identifies its railing location.

Q-What railing sizes will Saratoga Tys work on?
A-Standard Saratoga Tys Fender Holders will fit on any railing-metal or wood, which does not exceed 2 ½" in diameter.  The larger size will fit on any railing which does not exceed 4 ½" in diameter.  Railings which are larger than 4 ½ " in diameter are easily fabricated, simply Contact Us with sizing requirements.  We will be happy to furnish you with a quote.

Q-How can I obtain more information on the Brutus plus 40 line hauler?
A-Either Contact Us or visit the factory website: for more information.         


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